The history of Sandnes,dates back 6-700 years. But the earliest proof of people settling is 1664.

Its believed that we reckon April 14th 1869 as the city's birthday. It was then that King Carl,gave the town the rights to build.

But if we keep to the history the real birthday is April 28th 1782,when King Cristian VII wrote a privilege to Lauritz Smith Petersen.

Which gave him permission to build a brick factory. The factory opened in 1783.

Clay has been a big part of Sandnes for over 200 years. In recent years the production of clay products has almost stopped, and with that also the knowledge.

But there are still one big world renowned factory left FIGGJO AS,that are still going strong.
They are well known for their products.

There's also one small shop in downtown Sandnes, Pottemaker Simonsen. Which is run by the 7th generation of pottery makers.

Sandnes was also called "The bicycle town",with many places to bike.

The bike has always been a big part of the city for years.

And until a couple of years ago we had Norway´s only bicycle factory.

They are now closed down.

In recent years the main focus of business has been:TECHNOLOGY,OIL RELATED BUSINESS,AND IN RETAIL.

We have one of Norway´s biggest shopping malls:Kvadrat.